Temporary Accomodation

Temporary Accomodation Services

When traveling on business or waiting to move into your permanent residence in a foreign country, a comfortable, affordable or top of the line temporary accommodation is on top of the traveler’s mind. Grace Relocations boasts of long standing relationships with leading service apartments/temporary accommodation at highly competitive rates which allow you the ease of a comfortable stay coupled with huge monetary savings.


Our services include

Establishing assignee needs

Sourcing of properties

Prescreening of properties

Negotiations for preferential rates

Coordination of check-in and settling-in



Renting items can be a good alternative in many cases :

Shipping your household goods to another country? Need temporary furniture? Need furniture to stage your home? Need a Family car for a week? For all of them, rentals can be a great and smart decision when you need Items for a limited period of time.

Our services include:

• Furniture Rental

• Appliance Rental

• Car Rental