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Commercial Property Introduction

You have arrived in India, and you appreciate at first hand the vibrancy and dynamism that you have heard so much about. You see the growth potential everywhere and you know that once you settle down, your business will flourish. It’s imperative of course, that your business is situated in the best place for this to be achieved. This location factor, can at times affect degrees of success. Grace Relocation will help you to find the best commercial real estate for your business. We have access to the finest properties in the leading commercial districts. We can make the daunting process of relocating your business simple.


We introduce :


Bare-shell offices – Most commercial spaces in India are leased out in a bare-shell condition. This means that aside from the basic water and power provisions, the property comes as an empty concrete box. The floors, ceilings, room partitions, furnishings, color schemes are all selected according to the tenant’s preference.

Unfurnished offices – Offices with basic interior construction, such as room divisions, false ceilings, floors, painted walls etc. However no loose furniture is provided in such offices.

Furnished offices – Similar to unfurnished offices, but with the provision of internal moviablefurniture, such as desks, chairs and tables. Tenant’s responsibilities include the connection of utilities and daily maintenance (cleaning and security).

Grace Relocation’s team of commercial real estate specialists will advise you on the best property type according to your needs, the best location at which to situate your business, and accordingly source an extensive list of available properties that match your criteria.



Searching for land or factory space in India can often prove to be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Legal issues vary from state to state, and bureaucracy can often eat into the viability of a business or project.

Further, we understand that the process of selecting an appropriate industrial property can be particularly technical and complicated. Every company will have very specific criteria for its industrial property. Details such as ‘ceiling height clearance and floor loading capacity may need to be taken into consideration, and in many cases are critical considerations when assessing the viability of a particular space. Our team understands these bespoke requirements and will draw up a shortlist of appropriate properties accordingly, so that you are only presented with properties that match your needs.

Grace Relocations, with its team of experienced real estate professionals can make this process smooth for you, and help you find the best Industrial or land space to suit your requirement, with minimum hassle, at the right price.


Services include:

Factory / Warehouse/ Industrial shed rental

Technical survey (building structure / floor loading capacity etc.)


Legal Compliances