Cross Culture Training

Dimnishing cultural barriers

The impact of culture is often neglected and underrated. Culture is a powerful force that has tremendous bearing on whether you and your family are happy in your new destination and whether you are productive in your new work environment. Understanding the unique and complex Indian culture is the key to a successful expatriate assignment and will save you and your spouse from frustrating culture shocks.

Being one of India’s best known cultural experts, Ranjini Manian, CEO of Global Adjustments, places tremendous importance on the quality of our courses. Our Cross-Cultural Services are unique in their interactive formats, custom-developed materials and practical take-away. Each program combines instructor-led sessions with online learning and webinars or Skype sessions.

The program covers :

  • Cultural Background

  • Understanding Communication Styles

  • Doing Business In India

  • Delegating Duties And Giving Feedback

  • Working With Indian Colleagues

  • Social Etiquette

  • Taboos

  • Home Life – Help/ Useful Numbers/Tips

  • Shopping – Groceries/ Supermarkets/ Malls And Popular Destinations

  • Social Visits

  • Leisure Activities

  • Accompanying Partner Assistance