Accompanying Partner Assistance

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According to statistics, the family’s in particular the spouse’s inability to adjust to the new living environment is the Number One reason for relocation failure. While the person who has been given the foreign assignment is excited about his/her new work-related challenges and the new experience, the spouse is often overwhelmed with the cultural differences in everyday life and is usually not permitted to work in India. The result is often a frustrated person who would love to leave the country as soon as possible. Global Adjustments has identified this situation and created a specific spouse support program, which helps your other half to adapt to and thrive in India.

Our services include, but are not limited to :

▪ Pre-arrival Advice Session with specific focus on the needs of spouses

▪ Cross-Cultural training session on handling culture shock and relocation solutions

▪ Session on how to handle domestic help

▪ Guided City Tour

▪ Introduction to local clubs and societies

▪ Introduction to other expatriate spouses (if possible of the same nationality as you)

▪ Connecting to local NGOs for voluntary work (if needed)

▪ Language classes (on demand)

▪ Ongoing Phone Support