Record Maintenance

Grace Relocation recognizes the necessity and challenges in the corporate world and provides a secure storage infrastructure along with advanced data management mechanisms that are reinforced by multiple security initiatives. We aim to offer secure storage and data handling for cataloguing, retrieval, conversion, indexing and disposition of information.

Services include:

Record Management

Our team offers you hassle-free storage, maintenance, and retrieval of the personal business records that are crucial to the company. You can access the essential data from your office to monitor.

Digitization & Scanning

We offer customized scanning and digitization services that will help you achieve many business goals for your company. These services are designed to provide a high-quality and efficient solution for a low-end economy.

Secure Shredding

We understand that the destruction of confidential data needs a prominent place in the corporate mind. Not doing it can lead to data leakages that can happen due to the disposal of data tape, media devices, which may fall into the wrong hands.

Grace Relocations help your company to:

  • Ensure consistency with advancing industry guidelines
  • Reduce the danger of lost records or data
  • Advance the estimation of your data to help your business needs
  • Increase authority over access to data
  • Enable Information Governance
  • Uses the latest technologies in information and record management

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