Global Mobility Services

For many organisations, the pressure to compete effectively has led to an increase in the size and complexity of their global workforce, placing greater demands on their international human resource teams. Moving to another location can be a daunting experience but we think it should be one of the most exciting moments in your life. That’s why with us, you have one single point of coordination to make everything run like clockwork. We work with you to ensure each and every aspect is perfect, right down to the very smallest details.

Our services include

Visa and immigration

  • Business and Temporary work visas
  • Residence Permit
  • Visa Extensions
  • Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO)
  • Overseas Citizens of India (OCI)
  • Procedure counselling (Entry and Departure)
  • Document procurement, acquisition, translation, legalization
  • Obtaining Police clearance certificates
  • Dependent/family member processing, ability to work, student-related issues and maintenance of the status
  • Passports

Move management

Move management, includes domestic and international moving packages safely to the destination with the utmost care and at an affordable price.

Area Orientation

It includes giving the requisite assignee data and initiates with thorough analysis before travelling to a location. It includes

  • Introduction of the destination city
  • Presentation of the municipality specific welcome kit
  • Area Familiarization- landmark and street names
  • Introduction to local and foreign stores
  • Transport around the cities
  • Dealing with Domestic Help
  • Local customs and etiquette of the city and country
  • Emergency helpline contacts

Home Search

The home search process includes conducting a thorough analysis before the departure, which involves research and analysis for the best-suited areas. The property is inspected, and our licensed property manager reviews the lease documents. Lease registration and property inspection are managed diligently by our experts.

Temporary Accommodation

Travelling for business or looking for comfort in a foreign land is the top priority in traveller’s mind. We offer sourcing properties, pre-screening of properties, negotiations for preferential rates, coordination of check-in and settling-in, managing due diligence, and lease registration if necessary.

School Search

School search is a program that includes familiarization with the school and its process, counselling about the schools, and coordination with the school on the admission process.

Cross Culture Training

Understanding the unique and complex Indian culture is the basis for successful expatriate assignment, and the program covers the cultural background and social etiquette and learning communication styles. It also comprises of

Insight into the population, traditions, culture, festivals and holidays of the region

  • Working with Indian Colleagues
  • Aspirations and value systems
  • Home Life – Help / Useful Contact Numbers / Tips
  • Shopping and Social Visits
  • Leisure Activities

Settling in assistance

Finding a house is half the work but settling into a home is essential and requires thorough planning to make sure the home is ready to move into. Our solutions cover electricity, gas, telephone, cable, and internet connection.

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