Short & Long  Term Furniture Rental

Most foreign clients come to India without the intention of buying expensive furniture, as they are aware that they will only be in India for a limited time period. However, at the same time, it is obvious that having good quality furniture is indispensable to a good quality lifestyle in India, and is an integral part in the enjoyment of a good home.

Most residential property options in India are available on an unfurnished basis. It is greatly inhibiting, and vastly limits options to exclusively search for furnished properties when seeking a new home. Moreover, the quality or taste of furniture which has been provided by landlords in the case of furnished properties may often differ from the expectations of a tenant.

Grace aims to overcome this problem by providing bespoke furniture rental solutions to its clients. For one consolidated monthly rental fee, we can provide total furnishing solutions, or a bespoke package of items, according to an individual client’s needs. We aim to provide only the best quality furniture, in line with the tastes of our clients, taking into account preferred brands and styles.