Don't take chances when moving data centre’s

Grace Moving & Storage is a pioneer in providing complete solutions for the data center and server industry, from engineered packaging and crating design and manufacture to mission-critical transportation.Due to the dramatic increase of new technology, and the explosion of data and heightened security concerns, Data Center migration and relocation has become a part of everyday life. Remote computing, disaster recovery requirements, redundant data storage required for regulatory compliance, not to mention mergers and acquisitions, all mean that a relocation or migration is no longer a once-in-a-career event for today’s IT professionals.

When it comes to a successful data center move or migration and the associated transportation of IT equipment, you can trust Grace IT Move to get the job done. Moving servers or whole data centers, discretion, product and personnel safety are paramount. It’s not just the data on the servers, but also the tall, narrow server size is awkward and may easily tip during transport. Our years of experience are backed by our own specialist processes and procedures to ensure that your move is in safe hands.The thought of moving data centre – with the potential risks of hardware issues and even loss of data – can seem rather like trying to move a house of cards. In addition to the logistical considerations involved in the physical relocation process you must also minimise the considerable risk of service interruption to the normal running of your business.

With Discretion and Security, Your Mission Critical Products Are Protected
Services Include
  • Service around the nation, 24/7

  • Server Removal from the Racks at Origin

  • Rail & Cable Management Deinstallation at Origin

  • Server and Rail Labeling

  • Cart and Truck Loading in Order of Replacement at Destination

  • Air-Ride Suspension Transportation

  • Rail & Cable Management Re-installation at Destination

  • Server Re-racking at Destination in Proper Rack-U as Directed